How do credits work?

This article explains the different types of credits in ProspectNow, how to see how many credits you have, and how to purchase additional credits if necessary.


There are 2 types of credits in ProspectNow - Standard credits and Mail credits.

Standard credits

Standard credits are included in the cost of your subscription and are used for downloading records and/or looking up phone numbers and email addresses in ProspectNow. A credit is deducted for every record downloaded, as well as for every successful phone number and email lookup.

You can see how many credits you have by logging into ProspectNow and clicking the My Account link, then clicking the "Credits" tab.


Credits Tab-min


Here are some important things to know about your standard credits:

1. Unused Credits Don't Roll Over

Your credits reset at the beginning of every 30-day billing cycle, and any unused credits are discarded. To see when your next billing date is, click the "Subscriptions" tab within My Account settings.


Subscriptions Next Billing-min

2. Avoid double-credit deductions when exporting

If you plan on contacting the results in your list, regardless of whether they have phone numbers or not:

Under the map on the results page, instead of clicking on Get Phones, click on Export and check the box that asks if you want to include phone numbers. Any phone numbers we can get we'll provide in the export free of charge.

If you plan on contacting the results that only have phone numbers:

Click on Get Phones and wait for the phone numbers to populate on the results page. After this loads, we create a free export file for those specific results; this can be accessed by clicking on My Account in the top right of the page, clicking on the Export Files tab, and then downloading the batch phone look up in question. Note, for this to work, you have to click on Get Phones under the map, next to the Export option.



3. You Can Purchase Additional Standard Credits

If you need to purchase additional credits, you can do so in the Credits tab - just click the button that says "Buy Credits." Credits are $0.25 each with a minimum purchase of 200 credits.

Purchased credits do not expire as long as your ProspectNow subscription remains active.

buy Credits


Mail credits

Mail credits are purchased separately from your subscription and can be used to send physical letters or postcards to owners or tenants in the ProspectNow database. Mail credits are $1 each with a minimum purchase of $50.

Black and white letters cost 1 credit per page, and color letters cost 2 credits per page.

Full color 4x6 post cards cost 1 credit, and full color 6x11 post cards cost 2 credits.

For more info on sending physical mail in ProspectNow, watch the below video.